Philosophy of 「Yamamoto Co., Ltd.」
By clarifying goals and significance of existence and sharing them with Yamamoto as a whole,
we can think about what we can do for the entire company and for individuals.
This is the foundation of the company and a guide for moving forward for the entire group.
We will follow this guideline every day and act for a better future.

Business Model

01 Mission
Our Aim

Our mission is to connect and share the world and contribute to a better future.

02 Vision
Role as a Company

We will continue to take on challenges, develop various fields, and connect our networks with people all over the world.
We will lay the foundation for the process of disseminating, sharing and further developing information.
By connecting people, technology, and information we lead to solve social problem.

03 Value
Sense of Value

We will send out new services with flexible thinking, regardless of values.
We aim to be an open company by not only sharing information between companies but also
sharing information among employees closely. I always seek and act for what I can do,
not for myself, but for someone else.