Chemical Solution

Japan Authorized dealer of 「Structural Adhesive」

Yamamoto Co., Ltd. is sending out a new manufacturing process. 「Crestabond」 is a structural adhesive manufactured by Scott Bader of the United Kingdom, which is a key for next-generation manufacturing.
As an authorized retailer of this「Crestabond」, we support it in Japan.



「CrestabondM7-05,M7-15」is the industry's first structural adhesive that has been certified as a fireproof structural material by the Association for Relations Across Japan.
  It has been proven to have high fire resistance, and is expected to expand the use of structural adhesives in the residental areas of steel ships, which has been requested for a long time. In addition, we have obtained the ED Ship Equipment Directive (MED).


Structural Adhesive
Approval No.17SA010

Primary deck covering
Approval No.20FPA3DC

Fire retardant veneers
Approval No.20FPA1CV

Fire retardant surface flooring
Approval No.20FPA2CF

Various Verification
Tests and Seminars

We are conducting tests to verify various questions from the field when using「Crestabond」. We also hold seminars to share data and experiences.

Various Verification Tests and Seminars

Sales of overseas chemical products

We are developing water-based thickeners. By controlling the fluidity of the paint, it leads to improvement of work performance.