Web Exclusive「CRESTABOND」set

Web Exclusive「CRESTABOND」set released!
Single use mini size full set

The「CRESTABOND」mini size starter kit has been released.
A total of 9 types of products are available. Such as acetone and gas masks, which are convenient to prepare at the begining, are set in 2 bottles of M7-15 50ml, which are easy to use.
Recommended for those who are interested in structural adhesives but want to try them out first.
You can experience the parts that are difficult to understand in the explanation, such as the viscosity and strength of the bond and the feeling of using the gun.
It is a single-use mini size set, so it is ideal for trial use.

Web limited set contents:「CRESTABOND」M7-15 50ml 2 pieces, hand gun small size 1 piece, mixing nozzle small size 5 pieces, degreasing acetone 100ml 2 pieces, gas mask 1 piece, organic gas mask absorption can 1 piece, goggles 1 piece, Del Rihera 1 piece, vinyl chloride resin gloves 1 set.

In addition, we also offer a 400ml set and a mixed set of 400ml and 50ml according to the application.
Please take this opportunity to try structural adhesives that replace welding.

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